Alan Cox


Tel: 0333 241 7331

Mobile: 07780 700975


After a brief background in Sales & Accounts, Alan’s career path took a complete change with a focus on greater opportunities in the technical engineering field.

In 2000 he joined the world of dental and quickly established himself as the top UK engineer for Sirona digital imaging systems and software, with further qualifications in many other aspects of dental engineering and I.T solutions.

In 2015, Alan joined JD Dental to offer his expertise to a wider customer base, as well as to broaden his knowledge and further himself in the dental world.

In addition to his dental work, Alan has also been assisting in beta testing and product development with companies including Apple, Sonos and LightwaveRF.


Sirona – Digital X-Ray

Microsoft – Networking Digital Systems

Microsoft – Implementing Windows Professional & Server

Sirona – Special Training Orthophos XG Family

Sirona – Workshop Orthophos XG Family

Sirona – Sales Training X-Ray Equipment

Sirona – Special Training Orthophos XG

NRPB – Radiation Safety Course

Sirona – Basic Training Treatment Centres

Sirona – Workshop Sidexis XG v1.61 (SQL)

Sirona – Workshop X-Ray

Sirona – Basic Training Cerec 3D

Sirona – Accredited Galileos 3D Technical Training

Sirona – Special Training Cerec 3D & MCXL

Sirona – Installation Galileos

Sirona – Workshop Teneo

Sirona – Workshop DAC Universal

Vatech/E-Woo – Sales & Service

Sirona – Dental Equipment

Sirona – Workshop Teneo

Sirona – Advanced Cerec 3/AC & MCXL Training

Sirona – Innovations (Sinius & Handpieces, Orthophos XG 3D & Cerec 4.0)

Sirona – Special Training Sinius

HPA – Radiation Safety Refresher

Sirona – InEos X5 Workshop

AGFA – CR10X, CR15X & CR30X Service & Maintenance

Midmark – Elevance & Ultra Technical Workshop

Mocom – Service & Sales

Durr – Digital Technologies Workshop

Fona – OrisWin Software & ScaNeo

Fona – Extra-Oral & Intra-Oral X-Ray Systems, ScaNeo & OrisWin DG v4 Technical Workshop

Fona – Hygenius 17/22 Technical Overview

Fona – Treatment Centre 2000L Workshop

Fona – Durion Treatment Centre Pre-Release Training

Fona – Partner Summit, MyCrown & Stellaris 3D

NSK – Product Installation & Service

Fona – MyCrown Scan & Mill, Technical Training

Fona – MyCrown Design, GUI Workshop

Fona – MyCrown, Train The Trainer

Vita – CADCAM Materials & Technologies Update

Ancar – Series 1, 3, 5, & 7 Technical Training

LightwaveRF – Pro-Installer Specialist Training

Ritter – Product Launch & Technical Training

Ancar – Virtual Training: Commercial, Integrated Suction, System Configurations, Electrical Schematics, Touch Expert

Sirona – DAC Universal S, Sales & Technical Training

Planmeca – Romexis, Promax, & Compact Treatment Centres Workshop

Sirona – Cerec 5, Installation & Handover

Ancar – S-Line Product Launch

We’ve had the Fona 2000 chairs since Easter 2016 and were one of the first practices in the UK to receive the fully equipped model. JD Dental ensured both systems were smoothly integrated into the practice and there was little/no surgery downtime. Full staff training was given on how to operate and maintain the chairs. All in all, very nice kit, great service and indisputable value for money.

Nikki Berryman
Portmore Dental Practice,