Ancar Series 3

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The Ancar Series 3 treatment unit represents the culmination of extensive experience in the world of dentistry. With its impeccable design and construction (planned and audited from start to finish), these treatment centres are built using the best proven and modern technological innovations.
The Series 3 will give you a new experience that makes your work more intuitive, precise and safe, as well as more dynamic and profitable.

Features include…

  • Unit with an elevation range from 400 to 810 to work while sitting or standing.
  • Up to 8 instruments: 5 in the main tray and 3 in the assistant’s tray.
  • Multifunctional and proportional electronic foot pedal with water selection, micromotor reverse turn, “Chip blower function” and unit movements.
  • Auxiliary tray (285 x 190 mm) for small hand-instruments.
  • Automatic ON/OFF lamp in rest and return to cuspidor position.
  • Programming for 4 different users and configuration of instruments for each one.
  • ‘Touch Expert’ display showing statistics of the use of the unit: chair movements, instrument use, frequent warnings and recent warnings.
  • Device Update system: includes the latest programming updates even years after installation.
  • Multi-position articulated head with minimum height of 365 mm, facilitating treatments in the upper pieces.
  • Chair movements available on control pedal and keypad (principle and assistant).
  • Latest safety feature technology to avoid unnecessary errors.
  • Designed for easy cleaning and disinfection, with removable bowl, cup-fill and suction filters.
  • Optional “WEK” system for decontaminating water in instrument hoses.
  • Optional “H1” system for disinfecting suction hoses.
  • Amalgam separation for wet or dry suction systems.

Patient Chair


Auxiliary Trays

Suction & Disinfection


Standard Upholstery

Soft Plus Upholstery

Water Unit