Satelec X-Mind Unity

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Discover X-Mind Unity, successor of X-Mind DC, the famous bullet proof intraoral unit made by Satelec.

With its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE technology, X-Mind Unity brings the standard of X-ray generator to a very new level.

From the Acteon R&D, this intraoral system has an exclusive advantage: the X-Mind Unity communicates with the ACE technology present in the sensor SOPIX² inside. The latter analyses in real time the amount of X-ray emission needed to enable perfect exposure of the image as well as patient dose reduction.

The result is always an optimal image and up to 50% of reduced radiation according to the patient morphology.

With the smallest focal spot of the field and a constant voltage of 60 kV or 70kV, X-Mind Unity provides reproducible results and extremely high defined images.

Your diagnosis is more reliable than ever. The precision given by the combination of X-Mind Unity and the digital SOPIX² inside provides you with a resolution close to 20 line pairs.

The high frequency delivered by X-Mind Unity makes up for voltage failures. The X-ray tube stocks sufficient energy to offer you an identical result every time, whether you have a film, a digital sensor or phosphor plate.

X-mind Unity is not only an X-ray generator. It is also a daily work tool improving your comfort and productivity.

With its advanced ergonomic design and intuitive grip, only one hand is needed to move X-Mind unity. Positioning can be done with minimum effort or stress.

The anti-vibration and anti-movement mechanism keeps the unit steady and still, ensuring the clarity of your shots. Just grab, position and shoot! 

Finally, X-Mind unity is configurable to fit into any surgery.  Whether top mount or bottom mount, different arm lengths offer unparalleled flexibility for how you install your x-ray generator.  No need to compromise – install the X-Mind unity exactly as you need it.