Fona Art Plus / Plus C

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The Fona Art Plus and Art Plus C uses the finest patented digital imaging technologies. Its CdTe-CMOS sensor directly converts X-Rays to electrical signals, thus increasing image clarity and contrast while needing only a fraction of the usual radiation dose.

CdTe-CMOS smart sensor technology provides more than 4.200 differently focused images during a single panoramic exposure. Thanks to the autofocus tool, the software automatically moves to the layer most in focus, thus correcting blurred image areas without the need for additional exposures.

Operating the Art Plus is both easy and efficient. Fluent workflow is supported by an ergonomically designed control panel with intuitive symbols and alphanumeric display. Exposure parameters are easily set by simply selecting from 4 patient sizes, 7 panoramic and 3 cephalometric programs.

Experience extraordinary image quality after every exposure.

Features include…

  • Latest CdTe (Cadmium Telluride) CMOS smart sensor technology
  • 5lp/mm image resolution
  • 16bit dynamic range
  • 0.5 (IEC 60336) focal spot
  • Exposure output range of 61-85kV & 4-10mA
  • Autofocus for detailed diagnostics
  • Free-standing base plate available