Fona XPan DG / DG Plus

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The Fona XPan DG and XPan DG Plus is the perfect cost efficient solution for dentists starting to equip their studios with digital imaging. Its easy operation, comprehensive program range, reliable performance and high image quality meets daily diagnostic needs.

Operating the XPan DG is both easy and efficient. Fluent workflow is supported by an ergonomically designed control panel with intuitive symbols and alphanumeric display. Exposure parameters are easily set by simply selecting from 4 patient sizes, 7 panoramic and 3 cephalometric programs.

Patient positioning can be done quickly and easily. Bite block, chin rest and laser beams ensure perfect patient centring. A mirror supports the operator to perform correct and fast positioning while additional headrest assures even more patient stability. Furthermore, the motorised carriage can be moved vertically to such an extent, that both tall patients and patients in wheelchairs can be easily accommodated.

Features include…

  • Single CCD sensor for cost efficient solution
  • 5lp/mm image resolution (7lp/mm for ceph)
  • 0.5 (IEC 60336) focal spot
  • Exposure output range of 61-85kV & 4-10mA
  • Free-standing base plate available