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Articulating paper has traditionally been the way that dental professionals have measured their patients’ occlusion. Unfortunately, in today’s world, articulating paper is too imprecise – giving no indication of time or the distribution of forces – for truly accurate dentistry.

Thankfully, we can offer a modern solution, the innovative T-Scan is the world’s only digital occlusal analyser. It presents practitioners with a frame-by-frame timeline of a patient’s occlusion/disclion process, whether in centric occlusion, CR or in excursion. Consequently, this provides a precise record of how each tooth interacts with those around it – and with what level of force.

Easy-to-use and ergonomic, the T-Scan is a handheld device that can be linked simply with any computer. In this way, practitioners can easily access and record their patients’ individual bite force dynamic. This information can then be relayed to the patient as an educational video clip, giving them a far greater sense of their own treatment needs.